Comprehensive Policy Review (CPR)


The Opportunity

Let us help you develop a plan to implement your client's goals utilizing life insurance on a completely objective platform.

  • How many clients understand the insurance contract they've purchased?
  • Does the contract provide the right company for the right face amount at the right price?
  • Has there been any "life changes", such as a new job, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, a change in health?
  • How can you effectively deliver an objective analysis of what is currently owned along with some other possibilities?
  • Can you show a client how they can save insurance premium dollars? Guarantee a higher death benefit? Provide more upside potential?


CPR Program (Comprehensive Policy Review)

We offer a complete turnkey, objective policy review program that:

  • Is customizable
  • Helps assure that your clients' existing plans are consistent with their current needs
  • Helps make new sales
  • Maintains client loyalty
  • Offers increased value for their premium dollar
  • Illustrates stronger guarantees, longer durations


CPR Program Package

Your CPR Program Package includes a:

  • CPR Checklist
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Comprehensive Fact Finder
  • Simplified Fact Finder
  • Business Goals Questionnaire (for Business Owners)
  • Customer Marketing Materials including a brochure, talking points, phone scripts, and more!

To get your customized CPR Program Package, contact us at or give us a call at (800) 733-0054 today!