Point-Of-Sale Support

When dealing with increasingly large product portfolios and addressing complex client needs, our industry specialists and online resources can be a decisive advantage in closing your high profile cases.

  • Diversified Product Portfolio: With over 60 carrier relationships across multiple product lines, we have the right product to fit your client's needs.
  • Case Consultation and Product Analysis: We research and compare products to help you determine the most competitive market positioning and offer a consultative sales approach.
  • Advanced Market Concepts: We combine advanced marketing concepts and sales strategies to provide your clients with comprehensive solutions.
  • Quote and Illustration Support: Compare rates and run detailed illustrations using a single system for multiple carriers.
  • Applications and Forms: Download new business applications, product-specific marketing materials, and other necessary forms in one location.
  • iGO e-App & Quick App Service: Improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors in applications with iGO e-Apps and reduce the application process by 10-14 days with our simplified electronic life application service, Zenith EZ App.
  • Marketing Library: Search for, download, and send a wealth of marketing assets on sales ideas, concepts, and educational materials.


Whether the determining factors are medical history, occupation, avocation, or lifestyle, we have all the resources necessary to accurately evaluate your clients’ risk factors and present that history to our carrier partners in the most favorable light. With expertise in impaired risk, mortality factors, and underwriting trends, our creative suggestions can help turn your most difficult cases into approvals.

  • Impaired Risk Solution Center: Consult our online tools and questionnaires to help gather critical information on specific impairments.
  • Table Shave and Crediting Programs: These special programs allow your mildly rated cases to be considered at Standard class or better, depending on the carrier and case details.
  • Large Case and Reinsurance Expertise: For your high-profile and high-net-worth clients, attention to detail and discretion are paramount. Our comprehensive understanding and skilled navigation of your case from beginning to end will help you deliver the level of service these clients have come to expect.
  • First Look Trial Application: Complete our detailed information request for an underwriting review offering individualized carrier and rating class recommendations for your client.
  • Online Underwriting Guidelines: We maintain an online library of underwriting parameters designed to help you better field underwrite your life insurance cases.
  • Underwriting Impairment Database: Keep current with our ongoing series of published articles on the industry's rate classifications for certain impairments.


We know successful producers never stop working - that's why we make it easy for you by integrating cutting-edge technology into every facet of your business. Our website, mobile technology, and subsidiary software development company enhance the user experience by providing functionality that will make your job easier - wherever and whenever you choose.

  • Personalized Dashboard: Our website helps you easily keep track of your in-force production and active carrier appointments.
  • Income Rider Choice Pro: We designed this software specifically to help you identify the ideal product and income rider for your client in just seconds.
  • Mobile Technology: Run quotes, access case status updates, and more, directly from your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Privacy Policy: We take data privacy very seriously, and have all our locations secured to protect your client's information.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: In the event of a significant business interruption at one of our office locations, all critical systems can be brought on-line at another Zenith Marketing Group office location within 48 hours.


As a financial advisor and small business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to run your business more efficiently. Our experienced Contracting & Licensing, Case Management, and Commissions specialists remove the hassle of processing and follow-up, giving you the free time to discover new opportunities and close more sales.

  • Contracting and Licensing: Our online licensing interface provides everything you need to get contracted with carriers easily, while our licensing specialists ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
  • Case Management: Our team-based approach ensures quick seamless processing and handling of your business. Plus, you can access your case information and updates at any time with our online case status tool.
  • Commissions: Our commissions team ensures that you receive your compensation in an accurate and timely manner and can address any questions or concerns you have throughout the process.
  • Policy Owner Services: We take pride in every opportunity we have to serve you and your clients after the case is issued.


We know your needs vary based on the market in which you actively sell, your product offerings, and your overall strategy and business model. That is why we work to identify opportunities to enhance and grow your business and create customized solutions to increase production and drive efficiency. 

  • Business Valuation: We've partnered with several premier insurance carriers to provide you and your business owner clients with a complimentary valuation service.
  • Comprehensive Policy Review (CPR): Our exclusive program allows you to analyze an individual's existing insurance coverage to make sure they have the right coverage with the right product from the right carrier.
  • In-Force Marketing: Let us help you generate leads within your existing book of business by implementing different marketing campaigns.
  • Medicare Supplement Sales Assistance: For those interested in benefiting from the sale of Medicare Supplement Plans, we can market to your book of clients on your behalf.


Whether you're new to the industry or have been in the business for years, we offer training and coaching for agents of every experience level and keep you informed on carrier, product, and regulatory changes.

  • Product Training: Stay updated on product specifications and their benefits while determining how the products fit in your current portfolio.
  • Business Growth Events: Learn how to increase sales, drive revenue, and meet the needs of your clients with our monthly webinars, meetings, and Annual Producer Summit.
  • Continuing Education Classes: We host various CE classes throughout the year to help you conveniently fulfill your insurance CE credit needs. Please call to check for availability in your state.
  • Weekly Communications: When you opt in to our e-blasts, you'll receive company updates, product information, sales ideas, webinar and event schedules, newsletters, and more.


Get rewarded for your hard work by taking advantage of the numerous incentive programs, contests, and trips offered by us and our carrier partners.

  • Welcome Bonus Program: Our exclusive program offers a bonus to producers who submit their first piece of business with us. It's our way of saying "Thank You" for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your client's needs.
  • Agent Referral Program: This program rewards active producers who choose to refer us to their peers.
  • Zenith Contests and Promotions: We offer incentives based on production throughout the year.
  • Carrier Trips and Promotions: Stay up-to-date on all the current carrier incentive trips and promotions.