Linked Benefits

As an advisor, you have helped guide your clients on a responsible path into retirement. Unfortunately, an unexpected health crisis can disrupt the best plans, forcing clients to deploy assets they had hoped to save for retirement or for their estates. A typical retirement income plan would provide for fixed and variable expenses, healthcare, emergency funds, and wealth transfer. What happens to this plan if an unexpected health event dramatically increases healthcare expenses? Which asset would your client liquidate first to pay for their care?


Zenith Marketing Group provides access to Linked Benefit products that help your clients prepare for a potential Long-Term Care need, without spending money on a traditional policy they may never use.


Services & Incentives:

  • Illustration Support
  • Pre-Sale Underwriting Guidelines
  • Product Design
  • Online Case Status
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Continuing Education
  • Product & Sales Seminars

Long-Term Care without Purchasing a Long-Term Care Policy.

Consider this sobering truth: seventy percent of Americans age 65 or older today will need some kind of long-term care.* Now there is a way you can reposition assets to leverage money for a true benefit, all while maintaining the client's control of the money.

  • Remove the Caregiving Burden from Family Members
  • Help Clients to Maintain their Current Lifestyle
  • Provide Your Clients with Peace of Mind
  • Offer Your Clients Flexibility

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*Testimony before the U.S. Special Committee on Aging, March 21, 2004.